Sweets that can make Onam Celebration Extra Special in Kerala

Malayalis celebrate Onam, a harvest festival, during the month of Chingam, the first month of the Malayalam calendar, Kollavarsham. Every year, it falls in the months of August and September. Onam derives from the Sanskrit word Shravanam, which refers to one of the 27 Nakshatras or constellations. Thiru is used in South India for anything related to Lord Vishnu, and it is believed that Thiruvonam is the Nakshatra of Lord Vishnu, who pressed King Mahabali into the underworld with his foot. People make a flower carpet known as 'Pookkalam' and place it in front of their house to welcome King Mahabali. Several traditional rituals, such as Snake boat races, Onappottan, Kaazhchakkula, Puli Kali, Kaikottikkali, and so on, are followed by a lavish feast known as 'Sadhya.' People dress up, prepare delicacies, and serve them on banana leaves with a cup of Payasam. At the festival, people also perform Onakalikal, or traditional dance, games, and music. The nine-course meal is known as Onasadya and includes rice, sambar, rasam, avail, and other dishes. They served on Thiruvonam, the main festival day. Atham, Chithira, Chodi, Vishakam, Anizham, Thriketa, Moolam, Pooradam, Uthradom, and Thiruvonam are the ten days of the Onam festival.
If you are thinking to make 10 days of your Onam extra special then here is the list for Sweets for Onam that can make celebration Extra Special like never before:
1.    Ada Pradhaman - Ada pradhaman, a variation on classic payasam, is made with ada rice, jaggery, and coconut, as well as dry fruits and nuts like cashews and raisins, all thoroughly mixed in coconut milk. Ada pradhaman is a delicious dessert to make for Onam and serve to a large group.
2.    PaladaPradhaman - Paladapradhaman, a variation on classic payasam, is made with rice and milk. No Onam is complete without this sweet delicacy. It tastes almost like kheer and the Ada rice is used to make this wonder pudding sort of thing. Paladapradhaman is a delicious dessert to make for Onam and serve to the people in festive zeal.
3.    RavaLadoo - Sweet goodness balls! Rava laddu is a simple, easy, and quick Indian sweet that can be made for special occasions such as Onam. Roasted and ground rava or semolina is combined with sugar, cardamom, ghee, and dry fruits before being formed into ladoos and topped with nuts and varq. Ravaladoo requires little preparation but is absolutely delicious to share with family and friends.
4.    Semiya Payasam - Semiya Payasam is another delectable dessert. It's a dessert that's made for all special occasions, so you can't miss out on it on Onam. SemiyaPayasam, a milk, vermicelli, and sugar preparation sounds delicious.
5.    Kozhukatta - Kozhukatta is a beautiful sweet dumpling with a tasty coconut and jaggery filling. It's similar to Modak and makes an excellent Onam sweet.
6.    Unni appam - Unni appam is required on all special occasions, so Onam is incomplete without it. Unni Appam, a rice, jaggery, banana, and roasted coconut piece concoction, is the ideal Onam dessert.
7.    Ariyunda - Ariyunda, the beautiful rice ladoos, are truly mouthwatering and a delight to eat. Ariyunda is the most delicious sweet made from rice, jaggery, coconuts, and cashew nuts.
8.    Parippupayasam -Without Parippupayasam, Onam is incomplete. It is one of Kerala's most popular desserts and is truly luscious. This sweet dish is made from lentils, coconut milk, and jaggery and is a treat for your taste buds.
9.    Dry Fruit Kesari - A single glance at this enticing delicacy is enough to drive you insane. Another traditional Kerala dessert is Dry Fruit Kesari for Onam. This dessert, made of Rawa/rice and dry fruits, is similar to Rava Halwa and is delicious to eat.
10.    Banana Halwa - Another flavorful sweet dish to enjoy on the special day of Onam is Banana Halwa. This halwa, made of banana, rich ghee, sugar, and cardamom powder, is a truly delectable dessert that everyone should enjoy during the harvest festival.
So, this is finest list of sweets that can make your Onam Celebration in Kerala sweetly special like never before. Now you can easily and efficiently celebrate the Onam in grandest & sweetest possible way and for doing that our above list of sweets for Onam will definitely help you.

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