DIY Gift Ideas for Sending Diwali Gifts to Kerala

Gifts don't always need to be purchased. Sometimes you can make it yourself too. That's why
we bring you the most valuable lessons and list for DIY gift ideas for Sending Diwali Gifts to
. Even if you are newbie and know nothing about DIY gifts, we are here to help you will
each of your queries. All you need to do is follow our leads for making the best gifts for your
loved ones within the budget. Make this Diwali extra special for your family, friends and
relatives etc. by gifting the gifts made with your own hand. Now follow our list for more:
1. Sweets - Being an Indian we all know how to make dishes right. But Indian Sweets or
mithai are somewhat uncommon for many youngsters out there. If you are one of them
and know nothing about sweets recipe then you must follow some of the finest recipe in
our e-gift portal. Making sweets is not a rocket science and you can make sweets like
Rasgulla, Kaju Katli, Barfi and many more just by reading recipes.
2. Cakes - Baking cakes has become hobbies for many and it's not new. You can easily
bake cakes even if you don't have microwave at your home. You can bake cake in
pressure cooker too. And for doing that, you must follow some simple recipe from us.
You will be able to bake lots of flavors of cakes for your loved ones. Hence, surprise your
loved ones staying in Kerala for this diwali celebration by sending eggless cakes.
3. Chocolates - Chocolates doesn't always need to be bought. You can always make one at
your home at your comfort zone. All you need is few ingredients like Cocoa powder,
sugar and few other things. Now, you can make mould of chocolates and choose shapes
and sizes too. Hence, you can also personalize it from your home only.
4. Greeting Cards - Greeting cards are something that is easiest on the list. Here all you
need is few elements like Pen, Paper and Colour (Or few stickers or glitters, if you want
to make it fancy). Making very beautiful greeting cards is at your fingertips now. And for
doing this you don't even have to watch or check tutorials. It is that easy. So, are you
making one for your loved ones?
5. Gift Box - Gift box are always seen as one of the most elegant forms of gifting. However,
here you might have to spend few bucks from your side. Crafting gift box is very easy. All
you need is creativity inside your head. And here you go, you can design in according to
your need and filled the surprises up with things like chocolates, cakes, sweets and
notes etc.

6. Personalized Gifts - This is one of the most loved and appreciated gift items in every
occasion. And for Diwali, if you want to startle your friends, family and relatives, then
you are most welcome to check out our idea of finest personalized gifts for loved ones.
For example - Writing name on chocolates can be one of them.
7. Dry Fruits Box - Simplest idea can be considered as assorted dry fruits box. Crafts box
and then fill it up with Assorted Dry Fruits for your loved ones living in Kerala. Yes, it is
that simple. So, what are you further waiting for? Are you making one for your loved
8. Homemade Rangoli - Rangoli is one of the most loved and used element in Diwali. If you
are looking forward to make your Diwali special along with your loved ones, then gifting
them Homemade Rangoli will be finest idea for doing that. You will find plethora variety
of pattern and colour combination for Homemade Rangoli. This gift is truly thoughtful.
9. Eco-friendly Diya - We want to celebrate Diwali but we should also care about our
Mother Earth and Nature. And to protect our ecosystem, we have come up with the
idea to celebrate Diwali with Eco-friendly Diya. Since Diya, Lanterns and lights are
important for Diwali, make it Eco friendly.

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