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  • Rs. 800.00 / $ 10.67

    Bakery-Fresh Red Velvet Cake...

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  • Rs. 875.00 / $ 11.67

    Wonderful Heart Shaped Red Rose ...

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  • 5 % Off
    Rs. 551 / $ 7.35

    Rs. 525.00 / $ 7.00

    Marvelous Vanilla Cake for Birth...

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  • Rs. 440.00 / $ 5.87

    10 Red Rose Bouquet...

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  • Rs. 575.00 / $ 7.67

    Tempting Dark Chocolate Cake...

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  • Rs. 795.00 / $ 10.60

    Amazing Strawberry Cake with Pin...

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  • Rs. 1,475.00 / $ 19.67

    Red Roses N Twin Teddies Basket ...

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  • Rs. 2,470.00 / $ 32.93

    Delicious Gourmet Gift Basket wi...

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  • Rs. 1,910.00 / $ 25.47

    Arresting Luxury Gift Set of Par...

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  • Rs. 1,325.00 / $ 17.67

    Wonderful Heart Shaped Arrangeme...

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  • Rs. 1,855.00 / $ 24.73

    Delightful Arrangement of Kitkat...

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  • Rs. 775.00 / $ 10.33

    Sumptuous Combo of 2 Tier Bamboo...

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  • Rs. 1,795.00 / $ 23.93

    Stunning Arrangement of Orchids ...

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  • Rs. 399.00 / $ 5.32

    Bouquet of 8 Pink Roses with Tis...

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  • Rs. 729.00 / $ 9.72

    Blooming Pink Roses Bouquet with...

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  • 10 % Off
    Rs. 963 / $ 12.84

    Rs. 875.00 / $ 11.67

    Attractive Flowers N Mixed Fruit...

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  • Rs. 960.00 / $ 12.80

    Auspicious Sitting Buddha Polyre...

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  • Rs. 1,194.00 / $ 15.92

    Special Personalized Photo Coffe...

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  • Rs. 914.00 / $ 12.19

    Amazing Maroon Tie, Cuffing n Po...

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  • Rs. 2,150.00 / $ 28.67

    Marvelous Womens Safety N Hygien...

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  • Rs. 2,660.00 / $ 35.47

    Exclusive Combo of Lakme Beauty ...

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  • Rs. 3,975.00 / $ 53.00

    Sumptuous Gift Basket of Chocola...

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  • Rs. 1,510.00 / $ 20.13

    Wonderful 2 Tier Arrangement of ...

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  • Rs. 1,890.00 / $ 25.20

    Wonderful Personalized Photo Mag...

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  • Rs. 975.00 / $ 13.00

    Special Kesaria Pedas from Haldi...

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  • Rs. 610.00 / $ 8.13

    Yummy Eggless Pineapple Cake...

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  • Rs. 2,010.00 / $ 26.80

    Wonderful Amalfi Bleu by Titan S...

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  • Rs. 1,775.00 / $ 23.67

    Excellent Snacks time Dry Fruits...

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  • Rs. 4,260.00 / $ 56.80

    Attractive Jensons Stainless Ste...

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  • Rs. 2,100.00 / $ 28.00

    Charming Gift Basket for Men...

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  • Rs. 2,890.00 / $ 38.53

    Exclusive Fitness Special Watch ...

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  • Rs. 3,895.00 / $ 51.93

    Elegant Fastrack Watch with a Br...

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Unique Gifts to Kerala for Parents Ė Same Day Shipping

Sometimes we have to live far away or abroad from our parents and this is probably very painful for anyone. Would you like to bring the sweetest smiles on your parent's face? Are you wondering how you can make your parents feel proudest? How long have you been searching for the perfect present? Let us help you find something very special, thoughtful, useful, worthy and amazing present for your parents through our online gift portal at a very cheap price. Are your parents living in Kerala? If your answer is yes then come and check out our marvelous collection of all time popularly known as Best Gifts for Parents to Kerala. Here you will be able to find all kinds of 100% genuine and deluxe products at the pocket-friendly budget. From delicious Cakes to yummiest Chocolates, Imported Perfumes to Personalized Gifts we have everything well sorted and organized in our inventory to make your purchase easier and hassle-free. Sending Gifts to Kerala for Parents from abroad has never been this easier since we are presenting our express delivery service at a very low cost. Place your order online and also get same day shipping at a very convenient price.

Are you delighted by knowing our exclusive and premium collection? Now come and fall in love with our lovely catalogue. We do have some of the best Flowers in our inventory. It is one of the most vibrant, aromatic, gorgeous and freshest that you wonít easily find anywhere else at this price segment. Find the best Roses, Orchids, Lily, Gerberas, Carnations and many more through our collection. Thatís why most of the people in your state prefer to Send Flowers to Kerala for Parents only through our superior service. We do have some of the finest and delicious Cakes in our inventory. Do you know why people love our Cakes? Because it is baked in the reputed bakery or 5-star restaurant by an expert chef with love and care to provide you with the yummiest taste that you wonít find anywhere else. Thatís why Online Cake Delivery in Kerala for Parents from us is recommended by everyone in your city because our customers know we are the best in this field. Sending present to Kerala has become an easy task for everyone through our service because when you place order online, you will get a chance for free delivery without any extra charge.

Fruits from us some of the most demanded items in our catalogue. Apart from this, they are very fresh and healthy just like it is supposed to be. Sending Fruit Baskets to Kerala in fastest speed is available only through us. We deliver at every occasion like Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary or others. Do you know, why you should order from us? The answer is as simple as the name of our website suggests. We are truly delighted to serve everyone in Kerala and we are experienced in it since a very long time. Grab your favourite now and get next day delivery of all the items.